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Hey guys! I am currently opening up commissions! Why? ‘Cause things cost money, man! Here’s some information about the types of possible commissions and some “ground rules” that I highly recommend you read through. I would really appreciate all the help, and I will do my very best to make your piece fabulous in return. :) If you’re interested, email me at

How to Commission

Easy peasy, guys!

  • Look through the different commission types and pick one that you’re interested in.
  • Email me at with your choice.
  • Please title your email something related to Commissioning me! A vague or otherwise unknown email will simply be deleted or junked, sorry!
  • In your email, please be as detailed in your request as possible! Pose, color palette, lighting, anything! If you have a specific image in your noggin, tell me. I want your piece to be perfect, so the more details you can provide me the better!
  • Don’t forget to give me references if your request is of a specific character(s) - especially original characters! A picture reference is best, but a detailed description will do as well.
    NOTE:If you provide a written description, I may draw a quick sketch based on the description and reply with it to make sure we have the same image in mind.
  • If you have a preferred program in mind for me to draw in, please let me know. Adobe Flash vs. Paint Tool SAI will yield different results! Make sure you specify if it matters to you! If not, I’ll choose the program at my discretion.
  • I will reply to your email if I accept the commission. With your provided information I will give you a price quote*.
    *NOTE: This price will be determined by the type you’ve chosen, complexity of the piece, number of characters, and overall workload/time necessary.
  • Once we’ve settled on a price, please pay in full via PayPal. I will not start working on your commission until payment has been received in full! Sorry! My PayPal is, hehe).
  • After I’ve completed the piece I will email you a copy!


Just to clarify some things!

Q: How long will my piece take for you to complete?

A: It depends, really! A relatively simple piece will maybe take a day or so, while a more complex piece may take up to a week or more. However, regardless of the piece’s difficulty I do have other responsibilities such as exams, papers, projects, etc. so I ask that you give me a minimum of two weeks for any given piece. If the piece seems more complicated than usual, I’ll let you know if I need more time than that!

Q: I want to commission a piece as a gift for someone else. Can you do that?

A: Absolutely! I’ll send you the completed piece first, and then if you want me to send it to your friend/whomever let me know. :)
However, if you need a piece done by a specific date/time (such as for a birthday or a holiday), PLAN ACCORDINGLY!!! Do not commission me two days-a week before the due date and expect it to be completed on time. It is YOUR responsibility to plan ahead, not mine!

Q: You said to pay you up front, but I don’t have enough right now. Can I pay you half/a part of the price now and the rest later? Are you open to haggling?

A: I would really prefer if you paid the full price up front. If you’re really having financial difficulties, though, I’m willing to haggle!

Q: Do you have any limitations to what you’ll draw?

A: Yes, I do! I will NOT draw anything…

  • pornographic or nsfw-related
  • anything offensive towards others (e.g. racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory)
  • anything beyond my skills. :/ Mechanical things, in-depth backgrounds, realistic styled pictures… These are all things that I’m simply not skilled at yet!

Q: Do you draw fanart?

A: Sure do! Just make sure you specify which show/game/movie/book/etc., including which version if it’s something that’s been remade or revisioned. (For example, one of the dwarves from The Hobbit book, versus the movie/Peter Jackson visioning.)

Q: What materials do you use?

A: I mainly draw digitally, in either Adobe Flash or Paint Tool SAI. I draw traditionally too, but not usually for big or fancy pieces. I’m not very good at coloring traditionally, like with colored pencils, but cel shading with markers I’m not too shabby at.

Q: You didn’t accept my commission/reply to my email!!

A: If I didn’t reply to an email it may have been marked as spam by accident or lost in the interwebs or I simply didn’t accept your request! If I didn’t accept your commission, all I can say is: sorry man! This could have been because I’m swamped with other responsibilities in my life, I’ve closed commissions, or I simply rejected your request. Sorry man!

Q: My question wasn’t answered here.

A: Send me an email at and I’ll answer as soon as possible! Or message me here on dA, or on my tumblr!


Pick your style!

Please note! The more complex the piece, the higher the price. Likewise, adding more/multiple characters will result in a more expensive commission. I try to keep prices reasonable, but keep this in mind if you want something complex or otherwise exceedingly detailed! :)

Also! If you don’t specify if you want the picture made digitally or traditionally, it’ll be up to me to decide! As I said earlier, make sure your request is as detailed as possible so you get exactly what you want! If things like this don’t really matter much to you, don’t worry about it.

(Click each one for examples!)


$4 (+$1 per character)

Lineart Chibi

$5 (+$1 per character)

Monochrome Chibi

$6 (+$2 per character)

Flat Color Chibi

$8 (+$3 per character)

Full Color Chibi

$10 (+$4 per character)


$8 (+$1 per character)


$12 (+$3 per character)

(+$3 for simple background)

(+$5 for complex background)


$16 (+$5 per character)

(+$3 for simple background)

(+$5 for complex background)

Full Color

$16 (+$5 per character)

(+$3 for simple background)

(+$5 for complex background)

Sweet Deals

Special Discounts!

Occasionally I'll have a discount on themed work for the holiday season, or discounts on all pieces for a few days. There are currently no discounts, but keep a look out! This section will be edited when there is a one. :)


If you guys can't/won't buy, I would really appreciate your simply passing the word on! I could use the help, so please tell your friends! ;w;/) 
Thanks guys, love ya! :heart:

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:bulletred: If I fave-n-run through your gallery (favorite works but don't comment) it's because I love your work but can't think of anything intelligent to say. I'll try to comment if you request it but if you do not just realize that favoriting means that I LOVE it. <3 :bulletred:

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