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October 3, 2009
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Oblivion meme ohoho by explodingcrayon93 Oblivion meme ohoho by explodingcrayon93
Ohoho! So you thought I would begin to stray away from Oblivion? NAY, I HAVE PROVEN YOU WRONG. Although in all fairness, I've been working on this for a while. My [nonexistant] ADD doesn't allow me to work on big things for an extended time period. o3o

1: SO MUCH REPETETIVENESS. "Voleur" is the french word for "thief". The writing to the left is Japanese for "thief" as well. I get bored during class and when I don't want to draw doodles, I write that.'s pretty much everywhere on my notes. (I'm kind of waiting to get called down to the school psychologist to be asked if I'm part of a cult or something) And yes, ZOMBIES SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME IN THAT GAME. I see one and actually try to find every possible way to avoid them and when I can't I have a tendency to run away screaming from them. Same with vampires. I'm terrified of catching that "polyphoric vampirism" or whatever so I swing blindly at them while shouting (in my house): "EW EW EW! STAY AWAY!"
yeah, I'm THAT cool.
2: everytime he said "Capitol" I was sent into giggling fits. I'm such a dork.
3: HOLY CRAP, I HAD TO SAVE THIS DORK HOW MANY TIMES?! THREE? FOUR? USELESS. And then he gets all happy when he delivers the letters from the Gray Fox. He's like, "Tee hee I get to be his messanger boy! n.n" "I get to actually STEAL FOR HIM. *punch*"
4: lol Oh Armand Christophe, you should've known how troublesome I'd be when I first broke into Methredel's house (*coughcheatedcough*) to get into the Thieves Guild. And even when your flawless diamond went missing and you found me trespassing in your house! I pay him at least two visits every time I play - mostly for murders or something, but still. XD
5: I saved before I went in the manor so I can keep going back to kill them. I usually frame Mathilde anyway (since she's mean, selfish, greedy, creepy and racist, it'd make perfect sense in real life). I also liked most of the Thieves Guild quests, the Knights of the Nine questline, Through a Nightmare, Darkly, etc...
6: holy crappers in milk he actually gives you his necklace. He's wearing the Cruelty's Heart until you earn it and then he changes it to just a plain ol' gold necklace! omg~...! <:3
7: I'd also probably not be so crabby and pessimistic and more starry-eyed, helpful little farm girl because I wouldn't be exposed to the world so much. But I'd still love to read books whenever I wasn't drawing....theoretically. ;]
8: I'd also still have a facination with thieves and a life of crime (which worries my mother greatly XD) so meeting a great thief like Lima would be epic for me. Since Lima likes to read and I'd want a genuine lockpick set....TRADE.
I feel like I was just speaking in third person...o3o

Meme (found here: [link]) (c) :iconvampirisa:
Oblivion (c) Bethesda softworks
Lima (c) me~
Sky (c) herself XD"
ack..sorry for writing so much. >_<
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Spyrowarrior Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2011  Student
*growl* :noes:
explodingcrayon93 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That infernal lizard drives me nuts!
thegentlemansoldier Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010  Student General Artist
I love your drawing style! *Approval!!!*
explodingcrayon93 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why, thank you! <3 :thanks:
SwiftyWolves Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010
lol i love it<3 and your facinated with crime huh? One of my friends (not to great of a friend) from school is related to Lucky Luciano...idk thought you might find it interesting I: i do haha
explodingcrayon93 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. <3 Really? That's really awesome! Very interesting indeed. :D
Ma-sha Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009
So cute~_~
explodingcrayon93 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. <3
Ma-sha Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2009
Always with pleasure
The-Raven-1311 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2009
Loved your Grey Fox and the Whodunnit frame! I do so love pining the blame on the innocent :)
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